10 March 2018

Due to the upcoming tests in some schools, there will be no lessons on 20/03/2018 (Tuesday), 21/03/2018 (Wednesday), 22/03/2018 (Thursday) and 23/03/2018 (Friday). However, on 13/03/2018 (Tuesday), 14/03/2018 (Wednesday) and 15/03/2018 (Thursday), the lessons will be conducted for 4 hours from 3pm to 7 pm.

Weekend classes will be conducted as per normal. However, students who attend weekend classes but wish to come on 13/03/2018 (Tuesday), 14/03/2018 (Wednesday) or 15/03/2018 (Thursday) may choose to do so. Please email me if you have the intention to do so.


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