11 March 2021

Due to the upcoming Common Test 1 from 22/03/2021 to 26/03/2021, the lessons from 22/03/2021 to 28/03/2021 will be brought forward to next week (i.e. March Break). In other words, during the March Break, there will an ONLINE lesson on Monday (15 March, 10am-12pm), Tuesday (16 March, 10am-12pm), Wednesday (17 March, 10am-12pm) and Thursday (18 March, 10am-12pm). JC2 students need to attend ONLY ONE of the four brought-forward ONLINE lessons in addition to their regular lesson. There will be no lessons in the week from 22/03/2021 to 28/03/2021 due to Common Test 1.

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