17 January 2017

Due to the coming Chinese New Year, there will be no economics tuition lessons on 27/01/2017 (Friday), 28/01/2017 (Saturday) and 29/01/2017 (Sunday).

The makeup lessons for the JC1 and JC2 lessons on 29/01/2017 (Sunday) will be conducted on 31/01/2017 (Tuesday) at the same timings as per Sunday.

The makeup lessons for the JC2 lessons on 27/01/2017 (Friday) and 28/01/2017 (Saturday) will be conducted on 23/01/2017 (Monday, 5pm-7pm), 24/01/2017 (Tuesday, 5pm-7pm) and 26/01/2017 (Wednesday, 5pm-7pm) and 26/01/2017 (Friday 2pm-4pm).

The makeup lessons for the JC1 lesson on 28/01/2017 (Saturday) will be conducted on 26/01/2017 (Thursday, 5pm-7pm) and 26/01/2017 (Thursday, 7.15pm-9.15pm).

 If you have any queries, you may contact Mr. Edmund Quek through email or on his mobile phone.


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