Avenues To Market Your Tuition Services

Avenues To Market Your Tuition Services

Marketing is of pivotal importance to any business, including economics tuition. Adopting the right marketing strategy on the right marketing avenues will certainly help uphold your branding and promote your services to your target group of customers. The benefits of marketing for tuition businesses in particular are two pronged.

Create Awareness

Singapore is known for its booming tuition business worth a total of over one billion dollars. The bright prospect has attracted many of entrepreneurial spirit into the tuition sector. However, with increasingly intensified competition, how does an economics tutor outshine their competitors?

For any business to be successful, the products and services it provides must be made known to their potential buyers. Tuition business is no exception. One common trait of all successful tutors, particularly economics tutors, is that they fork out a lavish annual budget on marketing to increase awareness of their economics tuition services. It is important to make an impression on your potential target group of customers so that they will consider your service when the need arises.

Increase Sales

Once you have successfully created awareness, your products and services get on the radar of your prospective customers. The opportunity can be turned into a successful sale if the products and services that you offer possess the necessary qualities they look for. Take economics tuition for example. Parents and students will usually check on the qualification of the economics tutor, experience and relevant track record, before deciding whether to enroll in the economics tuition centre. After they have become a customer, they will also start spreading the word for you among their friends and relatives if they find your services satisfactory.

If you are convinced of the above benefits of marketing, what are some of the effective marketing avenues to market your tuition services such as economics tuition?

Traditional Marketing Avenues

Traditional marketing avenues widely adopted in the past which are still popular among the parents include newspapers, radios and popular household magazines. We are familiar with the full-page advertorials on so-called β€œsuper tutors” in the Straits Times. These paid advertisements can sometimes mislead parents and students into believing that the tutors have been chosen because of their high quality as the majority of readers cannot differentiate between free and paid publicity. Other than newspapers and radios, household magazines like PopClub published by Popular Bookstore are also widely used by tutors to market their services among families.

Despite the shrinking market share as compared with digital media, traditional media is still considered a reliable source of information and hence an effective marketing avenue among parents.

Digital Marketing Avenues

Tuition providers like economics tutors have long ago recognized the power of digital marketing and have resorted to the use of websites and various social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube to promote their economics tuition classes. For example, the economics tutor at Fair Knowledge engages in digital marketing to a large extent. Compared with traditional marketing avenues, digital marketing is able to reach a wider audience with a lower budget. Economics tuition providers can also conveniently define the target group they want to reach out to with these sponsored posts.

Another advantage of digital marketing is that the result of your investment can be easily evaluated with the campaign analysis software like Google Analytics. Google Analytics enables economics tuition providers to define their own campaign parameters and generate reports to evaluate the effectiveness or ROI (return on investment) of their marketing campaign over a specific period of time.

Other than traditional and digital marketing avenues, tuition providers have also come up with innovative ideas to market their services. However, these methods are more effective in terms of brand exposure than sales. Students who are in need of help for economics in Singapore can find a good economics tutor easily due to the large number of economics tuition providers. Economics Cafe is a renowned economics tuition centre in Singapore which specializes in ‘A’ level economics tuition. The Principal Economics Tutor at Economics Cafe is Mr Edmund Quek.

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