Beijing Becomes First City To Host Both A Summer And Winter Olympics In Modern History

From 4 to 20 February, Beijing will host the 2022 Winter Olympics, making it the first city to host both a Summer and Winter Olympics in modern history. A few weeks from the opening of this highly anticipated winter sports event, the International Olympic Committee is still waiting for Beijing’s confirmation on operational details, most importantly, whether overseas spectators can be allowed at the Games. Currently, only local spectators are allowed due to the pandemic. In consultation with your economics tutor Singapore in your economics tuition Singapore class, discuss the pros and cons of having overseas spectators.

China’s “Closed Loop” Covid-19 Management System

China has been known for its “zero-Covid” policy as well as its most stringent Covid-19 prevention measures to combat the spread of the Omicron variant. According to Global Times, a state run newspaper in China, a closed loop management system had been up and running since early January, one month prior to the event, as the Chinese capital started welcoming overseas workers in support of the Games. Those who are fully vaccinated will be exempted from 21 days self-quarantine. To find out more about China’s Covid-19 prevention measures and its closed loop management system, you may sign up for economics tuition Singapore with a reputable economics tutor Singapore. Mr Edmund Quek is the best economics tutor Singapore. His economics tuition Singapore centre is conveniently located within five minutes’ walk from the Bishan MRT station. Upon entry into the closed loop, they will be subject to daily testing to ensure that they are free of the coronavirus.

Thousands of athletes, officials, journalists, and volunteers are expected to arrive in Beijing in weeks leading to the Games. High speed trains will be mobilised within the system to move these people between approved locations, including competition venues, training venues and the Olympic Village. As one of the coronavirus countermeasures, athletes and other members in the delegations will be separated from the public to minimise risk of cross infection. They will also be subject to daily testing during their stay at the Olympic Village. In discussion with your economics tutor Singapore in your economics tuition Singapore class, evaluate the efficacy of China’s stringent coronavirus countermeasures.

Boycott Led By US

On 6 December 2021, the Biden administration announced a boycott against the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. US athletes will be allowed to participate in the games. However, no official delegation will be sent. With this diplomatic boycott, the Biden administration aims to send a “clear message” on its stand pertaining to China’s human rights issues. With guidance from your economics tutor Singapore in economics tuition Singapore, discuss the economic implications of the US boycott against China. The US boycott against China was later joined by its allies such as Australia, Canada, Demark, Japan, the Netherland and the United Kingdom.

China denied the US’s claims of human rights abuses and condemned the boycott as against the Olympic principles. China, as an emerging superpower, is a rival of the United States on both economic and political dimensions. Currently the world’s second largest economy, China has been growing at a much faster pace as compared with the United States. In time to come, it will overtake the United States to become the world’s largest economy. In addition, boasting the world’s most populous country, it is the most important export market to many countries in the world. You may approach your economics tutor Singapore in your economics tuition Singapore class for a more in-depth analysis on US-China rivalry.

On the political front, China has been actively promoting its Belt and Road Initiative ever since President Xi Jinping took over the leadership. A central part of the “Major Country Diplomacy” strategy, it helps China assume a more important role in global affairs in competition with the United States.

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