Can H2 Economics Tuition and H1 Economics Tuition Be Combined?

In junior college in Singapore, students are typically required to take five or six subjects. Due to its usefulness in a large number of areas, economics is part of the subject combinations of a large number of students. Indeed, the number of students taking economics is one of the highest among the various subjects offered in junior college. However, due to its high level of difficulty, many students have difficulty coping with the subject at both the H1 and H2 levels. Therefore, they seek external help by taking economics tuition from an experienced economics tutor. However, many students who take H1 economics have difficulty in finding H1 economics tuition as nearly every economics tutor combines their H1 economics tuition with their H2 economics tuition. This makes many students ponder over the question on whether H2 economics tuition and H1 economics can be combined.

Difference between H2 Economics and H1 Economics

A major difference between H2 economics and H1 economics is the examination format. In case you are not familiar with the examination format, you should consult your economics tutor in the economics tuition class. The H2 economics examination consists of two papers, namely the essay paper and the case study paper. The former carries 60 percent of the marks and the latter carries 40 percent. In the H1 economics examination, students are required to sit for only one paper which is the case study paper. This gives students who take H1 economics the idea that going through essay questions in economics is not helpful to them. This, however, is a misconception. In the H1 economics case study paper, there are two questions with each carrying 45 marks. The biggest part question carries 12 marks. In addition, there is at least another big part question which carries eight, nine or ten marks. These questions are not entirely different from the questions in the H2 economics essay paper. In other words, these H1 economics case study questions are similar to the H2 economics essay questions. The implication is that H2 economics tuition is helpful to H1 economics students which explains why economics tutor Ronnie Tan combines his H1 economics tuition classes with his H2 economics tuition classes.

Essay Discussion Helps in Case Study

A major difference between H2 economics essay questions and H1 economics case study questions is that for the latter, students are required to answer the questions by drawing reference to the case study materials. Very often, in order to be able to do so, they are required to tweak the standard explanations of economic concepts that they are supposed to have learnt in economics tuition from their economics tutors. However, many H1 economics students have difficulty in doing just that as they do not even know the standard explanations of economic concepts, at least not in the ways which the concepts are applied to answer essay questions. As a result, they have nothing to tweak and therefore do not do well in economics tests and examinations. In H2 economics tuition, the economics tutor will go through essay questions with the students. In doing so, the economics tutor teaches the students the standard explanations of economic concepts in the ways which they are applied to answer essay questions. Therefore, with a bit of flexibility, the students are generally able to tweak the standard explanations of economic concepts in ways which allow them to draw reference to the case study materials. This is another reason why the economics tutor at virtually every economics tuition centre does not separate H1 economics tuition and H2 economics tuition. On the days when the economics tutor will cover the economic concepts which are not useful to H1 economics students, the students will be informed in advance to skip the lessons.

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