Classroom Rental

Economics Cafe offers a classroom for rental at Block 505B Bishan Street 11 #01-422 which is within walking distance of the Bishan MRT station (3 minutes).

The classroom offered for rental has a sitting capacity of 32 students. It is well furnished and air-conditioned and is ONLY suitable for conducting tuition for ‘A’ level subjects.

Tutors who wish to conduct group tuition but want to avoid the hassle of starting up a tuition centre will find renting a classroom easy and economical. The classroom is not suitable for conducting economics tuition as we are running economics tuition classes.

Some Attractive Features

Near the Public Library – Many students like to study at the Public Library and they will find it convenient to travel here for tuition.

Centrally located, over 2 dozen bus services and near the MRT station – Students will spend less time travelling here for tuition.

Near Junction 8 – Parents can shop or dine in Junction 8 while their children are having tuition here.

Tutors who are interested to rent a classroom at Economics Cafe can contact us for more details.

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Classroom Rental @ Economics Cafe