Do Students In Singapore Need Tuition To Excel In The Examination?

Do Students In Singapore Need Tuition To Excel In The Examination?

Do students in Singapore need tuition to excel in the examination? According to a survey conducted by The Straits Times recently, the result is yes. The survey was not conducted on tuition in any particular subject such as economics tuition Singapore. It pertained to tuition as a whole which included Math tuition, English tuition, Science tuition, etc. The respondents to the survey which included tuition centres, parents and students cited two main reasons; a more competitive education system and a tougher syllabus.

Additional Hours and Smaller Class

In the past, tuition was seen as additional help for students who were struggling with their schoolwork. This means that students who took tuition were generally the weaker students. Today, tuition is increasingly considered necessary for students, including the stronger students, to excel in the examination. This has led to a substantial increase in the demand for tuition in Singapore in recent years particularly for the subjects offered in junior colleges due to their higher levels of difficulty. Take economics tuition Singapore for example. The demand for economics tuition Singapore by a qualified economics tutor has increased dramatically which has led to a hike in the tuition fees. The supply of economics tuition Singapore by a qualified economics tutor has also increased. However, this has occurred to a smaller extent and hence has only partially offset the increase in the demand.

The respondents of the survey conducted by The Straits Times said that the additional hours in the smaller class and greater individual attention in tuition gave students a greater edge in the competitive education system in Singapore. They added that this was important given that the syllabuses were becoming increasingly more difficult. I fully agree with the respondents. The syllabuses are becoming increasingly more difficult in every sense of the expression, particularly true for the subjects offered in junior colleges, which has made economics tuition Singapore increasingly more important. Not only are the syllabuses becoming increasingly more difficult, the examination questions are also becoming increasingly more challenging. In the past, examination questions were pretty simple and direct. These days, examination questions are harder and less direct.

Regulation of Tuition Industry

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently said at a youth dialogue that students in Singapore were taking too much tuition. In fact, in my economics tuition Singapore classes, many of the students are able pass the subject without coming for tuition. However, is this really an unusual phenomenon or is this all part and parcel of an economy that is becoming increasingly more competitive in every aspect of life which education is a part of it? Indeed, if the trend of tuition in Singapore is unstoppable, wouldnโ€™t it be more sensible to spend our time on discussing ways to regulate the tuition industry rather than wasting our time debating whether tuition is necessary? Furthermore, when many of the ministers in Singapore are sending their own kids for economics tuition Singapore, how can the government convincingly discourage students to engage an economics tutor? I have personally taught the children of some of the ministers in Singapore.

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