Evacuation To Continue Despite Kabul Airport Attack

Over 60 people were killed in a suicide attack at Kabul airport on 26 August 2021, including 13 US military personnel and service members. Two bombs exploded, one near the Abbey Gate crowded with Afghan civilians waiting to flee the country and the other outside a nearby hotel used by British officials to process Afghans travelling to the UK. ISIS-Khorasan Province, the regional branch of Islamic State claimed to be responsible for the attack. To find out more about Islamic State, you may sign up for economics tuition Singapore with a reputable economics tutor Singapore. Mr Edmund Quek is regarded as the best economics tutor Singapore. The economics tutor Singapore conducts economics tuition Singapore classes from his economics tuition Singapore centre located within five minutes’ walk from the Bishan MRT Station.

US Evacuation Effort To Continue

Hours after the attack, President Joe Biden vowed that the US evacuation effort would not be deterred by terrorists, and they would hunt down the perpetrators and make them pay. The US forces have been working and will continue to work with the Taliban to prevent such attacks. Despite warnings of more such attacks, huge crowds continue to gather in the airport area in the hope to board an evacuation flight. With guidance from your economics tutor Singapore in your economics tuition Singapore class, discuss the implications of an ongoing war on Afghanistan’s economy. Mr Edmund Quek, principal economics tutor Singapore of Economics Cafe Learning Centre is renowned for incorporating real world events into his economics tuition Singapore.

Since the fall of Kabul on 15 August 2021, over 104,000 people have been evacuated. However, many more are still waiting desperately for the rescue. Currently, there are 5,800 troops from the US and 1,000 troops from the UK on the ground at Kabul airport. Other allies such as Belgium, Canada, Denmark, and the Netherlands had fully withdrawn from the country. In consultation with your economics tutor Singapore in economics tuition Singapore, elaborate on the respective roles these countries play in Afghanistan. Turkey, which had been operating security at the Kabul airport for the past six years had abandoned their posts too.

Following the US, the UK also announced that they would continue to operate evacuation flights from the Kabul airport.

Growing Number Of Afghan Refugees

As of 26 August 2021, the US and the UK had flown out hundreds of thousands of people from out of Kabul. Most of them are from the US, the UK and their other allies. It is not clear how many Afghan nationals had been evacuated. According to the UK and German governments, they had evacuated 7,000 and 3,700 Afghans respectively on their flights out of Kabul, including journalists and human right activists. However, according to the International Rescue Committee, some 300,000 Afghans are affiliated with the US operations in the past 20 years. Not all of them are eligible to obtain a US visa. You may discuss with your economics tutor Singapore in your economics tuition Singapore class the importance to evacuate them from the country. As the deadline of 31 August 2021 approaches, it will become increasingly difficult for them to flee the country in the days a head as the Taliban had publicly discouraged its people to leave.

Based on a report published by the UN World Food Programme in June 2021, about 14 million Afghans, one third of its total population were suffering from hunger. There are currently 3.5 million Afghans internally displaced with the country. About 2.2 million had sought sanctuary in neighbouring countries by the end of 2020. In 2020, about 1.45 million Afghans fled to Pakistan while 780,000 fled to Iran. Pakistan Had earlier announced that it would close its border with Afghanistan once the Taliban takes control. However, since the fall of Kabul, thousands of Afghans with valid travel documents had reportedly been able to cross the border into Pakistan. Iran has readied emergency tents in provinces bordering Afghanistan to provide shelter for Afghan refugees.

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