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Are all the economics tuition classes at Economics Cafe taught by Mr. Edmund Quek?

Yes. Mr. Edmund Quek, who is the Principal Economics Tutor at Economics Cafe, teaches all the economics tuition classes. This is to ensure that students receive top quality education in economics. Mr. Edmund Quek holds a Master’s Degree in Economics (MSSc) from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He has also obtained a distinction in Macroeconomics (EC6102) and Microeconomics (EC6101) at the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) level. These academic achievements make him the most highly qualified economics tutor in Singapore.

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Note: When you are looking for an economics tutor, it is important to ensure that the tutor has a good degree in economics from a recognised university. Although many economics tutors in Singapore do possess a good degree in economics from a recognised university, there are some who do not. Therefore, parents and students who are looking for an economics tutor should conduct a vigorous background check on the credentials of the tutor.


What is the economics tuition fee?

The economics tuition fee is $360 for 4 lessons payable on the first lesson of every month. Fee payment can be made via electronic transfer or by cheque payable to “Edmund Quek”. We do not accept cash payment. The economics tuition fee is kept low to enable students from less well-off families to also benefit from the economics tuition. Students who are unable to attend their regular lessons in a particular week should come for a make-up lesson in the same week as the fee is charged according to the number of lessons conducted in the month. Students are required to give one month of advanced notice in the event that they wish to quit.


Are there any other charges in addition to the economics tuition fee?

No. Apart from the economics tuition fee, we do not impose other charges. In other words, we do not collect registration fee, administration fee, material fee and goods and services tax. All materials are provided free of charge as we do not think it is right to collect material fee from students. Furthermore, we do not collect any deposit. Please note that students who face financial difficulty need not terminate tuition with us as we do provide financial assistance to students in financial need. NO ONE will be asked to leave our centre due to financial difficulty.


What is the maximum class size?

The maximum number of students in each class is capped at 25. This is to ensure that students receive the best attention from Mr. Edmund Quek at all times. Due to popular demand, the classes at Economics Cafe fill up fast. Therefore, students who wish to enrol with us are advised to do so early. Mr. Edmund Quek currently has over 200 students under his tutelage which is one of the highest numbers for economics tuition under any single economics tutor in Singapore.


What is the duration of each lesson?

The duration of each lesson is two hours. All the economics tuition centres in Singapore conduct lessons with a duration of 2 hours which is not only appropriate but necessary due to the nature of the subject. There is, however, one economics tuition centre which conducts lessons with a duration of one and a half hours which, in our view, is sub-optimal for the students.


Can a student request for a trial lesson?

A student can request for a trial lesson subject to availability. We will not charge for the trial lesson if the student decides to discontinue tuition after the lesson. In the event that the student wishes to continue tuition, which is almost always the case, the trial lesson will be considered their first lesson and therefore will be charged accordingly. Most students, however, opt to have two paid trial lessons at the cost of $180 to have a better assessment of the economics tuition class.

Note: Due to the fact that all the classes are full or nearly full, there is no more availability for trial lessons.


What will happen if a student is unable to attend lesson in a particular week?

If a student is unable to attend their regular lesson in a particular week, they are allowed to come for a make-up lesson in the same week, subject to availability.


Are there lessons on public holidays?

Yes. Lessons on public holidays are conducted as usual. This is to ensure that the time interval between lessons is not too long so that students will have a sense of continuity. This is particularly true in view of the fact that economic concepts are interlinked.


Are the students at Economics Cafe split into different classes according to their schools?

No. Students at Economics Cafe are not split into different classes according to their schools. It is good for students from different schools to learn economics together as this will allow them to exchange ideas which will benefit them greatly. This is particularly true given that different schools adopt somewhat different teaching methodologies for economics.


If a student is unable to afford the economics tuition fee, can they still join the class?

Yes. A student who is unable to afford the economics tuition fee is still able to join the class. We provide free economics tuition to students whose parents are under the Public Assistance Scheme and subsidised economics tuition to students who are under the Financial Assistance Scheme. There will be no registration fee and all materials will be provided free of charge. Our mission is to provide top quality economics tuition with our top quality economics tutor to students, cultivate their interest and help them achieve excellence in the subject, regardless of their financial status. NO ONE will be denied access to education in economics at Economics Cafe due to financial difficulty.


In addition to economics tuition, does Economics Cafe provide tuition in other subjects?

No. Economics Cafe does not offer tuition in other subjects. Economics Cafe is a leading and premier economics tuition centre in Singapore that specialises in Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics tuition.


Other Questions

If you have questions other than those which have been answered above, you can contact us by phone, email or message. We will respond to you on the same day.


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