How Does One Be A Good Economics Tutor?

How Does One Be A Good Economics Tutor?

Economics tuition is in high demand in Singapore. There are many factors that contribute to this phenomenon. Among them, the high level of difficulty of the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics stands out. That said, it is easy to find an economics tutor in Singapore. This is due to the large number of economics tuition centres in Singapore located across the country. For example, there are at least four economics tuition centres in Bishan and at least six economics tuition centres in Bukit Timah. However, although some economics tutors are good, some are not so effective. The question is, how does one be a good economics tutor?

Get A University Degree In Economics

To be a good economics tutor, one should get a university degree in economics from a good university. The purpose of the university degree in economics is not for marketing. Rather, one can acquire a great deal of knowledge which is useful for helping students do well in the examination. An economics tutor without a university degree in economics is likely to have limited knowledge of the subject and therefore is likely to be ineffective in helping students excel in the examination. For example, the so-called super tutor Anthony Fok did not have a university degree in economics but was providing JC economics tuition. As a result, many of his students fared poorly in the examination, although he was able to get a large number of students initially through his high expenditure on marketing.

Passion For The Subject

To be a good economics tutor, one should develop a passion for the subject. An economics tutor without a passion for the subject will be no better than an economics textbook. The subject is likely to come across as dry to their students. As a result, the tutor is unlikely to be able to cultivate their students’ interest in the subject. Without interest in the subject, their students are unlikely to put extra effort in the subject. As a result, their grades are likely to be less than optimal which will make the economics tuition less effective. In contrast, by developing a passion for the subject, the economics tutor is likely to be able to cultivate their students’ interest in the subject. This is particularly true in view of the fact that passion is contagious.

Keep Abreast Of Current Affairs

Economics is a social science which does not have a best teaching methodology. However, all economics tutors agree on the great usefulness of real-world examples to enhance students’ understanding of the concepts. Therefore, to be a good economics tutor, one needs to be an avid reader to keep abreast of current affairs. This is to enable them to explain economic concepts to their students with real-world examples which will substantially enhance their understanding of the concepts. Current affairs should not be interpreted as economic affairs. This is because economics is intertwined with other fields of discipline such as politics and sociology. Therefore, a good economics tutor should include related fields of discipline in their reading to provide top quality economics tuition.

Care For Students

An economics tutor who does not have the interest of their students at heart or care about the students cannot be a good tutor. I have heard of some economics tutors who never mark their students’ assignment or provide consultation. These tutors generally do not provide good economics lecture notes to their students either. Without the possibility of consultation, students will not be able to clarify their doubts and therefore is less likely to be able to master the subject. Therefore, to be a good economics tutor, one should care for their students by providing good economics lecture notes, marking assignments and providing consultation. This will help maximize the effectiveness of their economics tuition.

Edmund Quek

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