How To find The Right Tutor For Economics Tuition Singapore?

How To find The Right Tutor For Economics Tuition Singapore?

ManyĀ junior collegeĀ students have difficulty in coping with the subject of economics. Even for those whoĀ are already doing well in the subject, they may need a little push to help them gain a competitive edge over their peers. These both propel them to take economics tuition Singapore. There are many tutors out there offering economics tuition Singapore. Their experiences and amounts of knowledgeĀ vary, which among other factors, result in varying teaching abilities. So here comes the question: how do you find the right tutor for economics tuition Singapore?

There are a few factors to take into account when you compare different tutors for economics tuition Singapore and each of these factors should be given careful consideration.


Other things being equal, it is better to choose an economics tutor with a higher qualification than one with a lower qualification. For example, it is better to choose an economics tutor with a MSSc (Economics) than one with a BSSc (Economics). It is also important to ensure that the university degree of the tutor is conferred by a reputableĀ university such as National University of Singapore. The more knowledgeable they are in the subject, the better they are able to guide you in acquiring more knowledge about the subject. Do not hesitate toĀ ask for proof the tutor’sĀ qualificationĀ and do some background checks.

Teaching Experience

Some economics tutors are very knowledgeableĀ about the subject. However,Ā not all of them have the ability to impart their knowledge to students effectively. So it makes a whole world of difference if they have relevant teaching experience. Other things being equal, it is always better to engage an economics tutor who have taught in a school. A tutor who has experience teaching in a school is likely to haveĀ a better understanding of theĀ teaching methodology and hence is likely toĀ able to construct their tuition classes to complement your learning in school. One thing to note is that the tutor does not necessarily need to have taught in a top school. Neighbourhood schools and top schools have their fair shares of good teachers and not-so-good teachers.

Track Record

The students’ gradesĀ speak for themselves. Whether the economics tutorĀ is a good can be shown by the grades of their former students.Ā Good tutors tend to produce a large number of students with a good grade. In contrast, those tutors who are less effective tend to produce poor grades. It is even more convincing if they have more detailed data to show how long it took them to improve their students’ grades. Do not hesitateĀ to ask for testimonials or other proofs. It would be betterĀ they comeĀ from peopleĀ you know.


We pay for what it isĀ worth. However,Ā an economics tutor who charges aĀ high rate may not necessarilyĀ be better than one who charges less. I advise all students to consider the first 3 factors before the rate. If you have a budget constraint, I would suggestĀ you choose group tuition offered by a quality tutor rather thanĀ individualĀ tuition offered by a less effective tutorĀ who charges a low fee. The reason is simple. If the tutor is not good, theyĀ can be of no help to you at all. In this case, no matter how much money you pay the tutor, it will beĀ a total waste of your money, and what is infinitely worse, a total waste of your time.Ā In some cases, the difference can be an ‘A’ and an ‘F’ in your exam. If you do not have any budget constraint, it willĀ be better to have economics tuition Singapore fromĀ a quality tutor just for yourself. The advantage of individual tuition is that the tutor can customise the tuition class based on your current knowledge and understanding of the subject and your progress along the way. By doing this, your benefit from the tuition class will be maximised.

There are also students who opt for a combination of group tuition andĀ individual tuitionĀ on a less frequent basis conducted by the same tutor. If you do not want to spend a bomb on economics tuition Singapore but wish to achieve a better academic result in the subject, you can certainly consider doing this. Having said that, the group tuition is still the choice of theĀ majority ofĀ junior collegeĀ students.

Some students also take into considerationĀ the gender and the age of the tutor. To me, this is not necessary. Regardless of their gender and age, as long as the tutor can effectively help you improve in the subject, they areĀ a good tutor.

I hope you are now clearer about how to go about finding yourself a quality tutor forĀ economics tuition Singapore. I wish you all the best in the subject.

Linda Geng

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