How To Pick The Best Economics Book

How To Pick The Best Economics Book

As a parent who cares deeply about our child’s learning progress, we often encounter problems when picking suitable economics book for our child to complement their classroom learning, and further improve their mastery of the subject. When the choices are not that plenty, parents may not have too much difficulty. In fact, some parents may simply buy all of them. However, with close to 20 books available, most parents will not know how to go about choosing the right books. Buying all, in this case is not an option for most parents as it will be very costly and their child will not have enough time to read all of them. Take a stroll in Popular Book stores and you will find for A level economics tuition, there are close to 20 titles. It is not hard for one, who is trained in economics to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately, most patents know little about the subject. How do they tell whether the book can really benefit their child to a great extent? Follow my guide below and you will get the best value for money.

Judge A Book By Its Cover

There is a saying, “Do not judge a book by its cover.” I am here to tell you the contrary.

A book is like the author’s own child. A good author will not spare any efforts in making the cover attractive to increase the chance of the book being picked up by readers. More often than not, you can find the most important information about the book on its cover, including, but not limited to, the author’s name and qualification, as well as key features and highlights of the book. With a quick glance of the covers of the various books for economics tuition, you can eliminate half with poor quality covers that show little efforts by the author.

Number Of Pages

A book with more pages may not be definitely better than one with fewer pages. However, the number of pages, to a certain extent, reflects how knowledgeable the author, often an economics tutor, is about the subject. In addition, a book of 400 pages which costs you $20 gives you more value per dollar spent than a 100-page book priced at $10. Among the available books for economics tuition, only few comprise more than 300 pages, demonstrating the vast knowledge of the economics tutor.

Author’s Qualification, Experience And Track Record

It is important that the author has attained a high qualification in the subject from a reputable university. It is also important that the author has practised teaching as an economics tutor for many years so that he knows the common conceptual errors that the students often make. If the author, who is an economics tutor has a brilliant track record in teaching economics tuition and his economics tuition has helped thousands of students improve their grades, very likely, your child will also benefit from his book and the economics tuition he offers.

Grammar And Sentence Structure

Take a few minutes to read the preface and the first few paragraphs of the first chapter of the book. Pretend you are an English teacher and try to spot as many grammatical errors as possible. If you cannot find any, congratulations! You may have found the right book. Any author who is serious about his work will have it checked through thoroughly to minimize mistakes. Besides the author, the book should have also gone through many rounds of stringent checks by its editors. A book with obvious typos and grammatical mistakes is like inferior goods that students have learned in economics tuition conducted by their economics tutor, which is definitely not your choice especially when its price is comparable with that of a good quality economics book.

Look At The Author’s Publications In Entirety

Students have learned in economics tuition the production capacity. Like a factory, an author also has his production capacity. If an author who is also a full-time economics tutor can publish more than 10 books in a short span of few years, it is very likely that he has not put in much efforts into writing these books. A good analogy of this may be luxury goods. Limited quantity of luxury goods are produced in a year mainly due to its strong focus on the quality.

I hope you find the above tips useful when selecting the best economics book for your child. There is an old Chinese saying, “工欲善其事,必先利其器”, which can be loosely translated as a craftsman must sharpen his tools before he can master his trade. Same goes for economics tuition. Only by making the right decision on the best economics books for your child, you will be able to help them make good progress in their studies of the subject.

Linda Geng

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