Taking Economics Tuition Early To Get A Head Start

Economics is one of the subjects offered in junior college in Singapore. It is among the popular subjects due to its wide application in a large number of fields such as business, banking, international relations, etc. As result of the popularity of the subject of economics in junior college in Singapore, economics tuition is highly popular. There are about 18 000 students in junior college in Singapore who take the subject of economics each year. A survey conducted by Economics Cafe Learning Centre which is a leading economics tuition in Singapore shows that over 70 per cent of the students take economics tuition in one form of another at some point in the course of the two years in junior college. Economics Cafe Learning Centre was founded by the famous economics tutor Mr. Edmund Quek who is highly sought after by students who wish to do well in the subject of economics. Indeed, many students come to Mr. Edmund Quek for economics tuition before the course in their schools starts in order to get a head start. The question is, is it helpful to take economics tuition early to get a head start.

Economics Tuition and Head Start

The link between taking economics tuition early and having a head start is strong. Economics is a new subject to virtually all the students taking the subject in junior college. Therefore, the lack of knowledge about the subject creates fear of the subject. Furthermore, as economics is a totally different subject from math and science, the skills which the students have picked up from learning math and science are not applicable to learning economics, at least not significantly. Therefore, students generally do not adopt the right approach to studying the subject of economics, at least not during the initial phase. Taking economics tuition from a good economics tutor can address these problems. With the guidance from an experienced economics tutor, students can overcome the fear of the subject. Furthermore, they are able to learn the skills to study the subject of economics in an effective and efficient way. This is especially true if the economics tutor is highly experienced in teaching the subject. It follows that taking economics tuition early will enable the students to get a head start.

Head Start and Grade

Having a head start for the subject of economics is likely to lead to a good grade in the examination. With a good foundation, the students will be able to better understand the lectures. Furthermore, they will be able to more effectively participate in the tutorial discussions. All these will help the students better understand the subject which is likely to translate into a good grade in the examination. Ironically, this means that the students will be less dependable on economics tuition if they start taking economics tuition from a good economics tutor early. There is no shortage of economics tuition centres in Singapore. Economics Cafe Learning is one of the more reputable economics tuition centres in Singapore. The Principal Economics Tutor is Mr. Edmund Quek who is a very experienced economics tutor held in high regard by parents, students and his peers including this competitors. Since its inception, Economics Cafe Learning Centre has helped a large number of students get a head start for the subject of economics. Most of the students have achieved a distinction in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics examination. Many of them have become economics tutors who provide high quality economics tuition to the next generation.

Jacky Liu

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