Tuition Industry In Singapore

Tuition Industry In Singapore

I have written an article on the tuition industry in Hong Kong, where the prominent tuition schools such as Modern Education and Beacon College are publicly listed and their top tutors are reported to make millions of Hong Kong dollars per year. Here in Singapore, some super tutors are also reported to earn an annual income of over S$1 million. They include an economics tutor Singapore who is known to spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertorials in the Straits Times about his economics tuition Singapore. 

The Kiasu Culture

Despite the top-notch education system and standard in Singapore, the majority of the parents here still send their children to tuition for the fear of losing out to their peers. 80 per cent of parents believed that tuition would help their children improve their grades. Over 50 per cent considered tuition a necessary means for their children to keep up with their peers. To the majority of the students in Singapore, tuition starts from as early as six, before they enter the primary school. As they move up the levels, they have more and more tuition classes to fill their schedules. Besides the parents, some school teachers also encourage their students to take up tuition classes to improve their grades. 

Economics is a subject taught in the junior colleges in Singapore. It is among the most difficult subjects that students will usually need help with. Mr Edmund Quek is the principal economics tutor Singapore of Economics Cafe Learning Centre, the best economics tuition centre in Singapore. Mr Quek is widely regarded as the best economics tutor Singapore. He offers economics tuition Singapore to JC students as well as preparatory economics courses during the school holidays to secondary students. 

The typical Singaporean culture of Kiasuism, coupled with the peer pressure and competition, has contributed to the increasing demand for tuition such as the economics tuition Singapore. As a result, the number of tuition centres has increased in Singapore over the years, from 700 MOE-registered tuition centres in 2012 to more than 800 in 2014. Economics Cafe Learning Centre is an MOE registered economics tuition centre located within the walking distance from the Bishan MRT Station. Founded by its principal economics tutor Singapore Mr Edmund Quek, the centre is one of the most popular economics tuition centres in Singapore.

Income As A Private Tutor

Over the past years, many MOE registered teachers have left their school teaching jobs to become private tutors. The private tutors may choose to teach at tuition centres to receive a monthly salary, conduct one to one tuition at their students’ homes or organise group tuition classes in a rented or self-owned classroom. Depending on their qualification, experience, levels and subjects they teach, private tutors can usually command an hourly fee of S$30 to S$50 for primary and secondary levels and S$60 to S$80 for JC levels. Former school teachers are able to charge a higher hourly fee ranging from S$50 to S$80 for primary and secondary levels and S$90 to S$120 for JC levels.

An economics tutor Singapore usually charges S$300 for a two-hour one to one economics tuition class and S$320 to S$360 for four two-hour economics tuition classes in a group of less than 20. Prior to founding his own economics tuition centre, Mr Edmund Quek had taught in a number of local schools. The economics tutor Singapore has also published a few economics textbooks available for sale at all Popular bookstores.

From 2008 to 2018, the tuition industry in Singapore has grown from S$650 million to S$1.1 billion. Seven out of ten parents send their children to tuition including economics tuition Singapore. Singaporeans on average spend S$155-S$255 per month on tuition while more than half of them spend over S$500 per month per child.

Linda Geng

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