Useful Tips For The Preparation Of The ‘A’ Level Economics Examination

Useful Tips For The Preparation Of The ‘A’ Level Economics Examination

As the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics examination approaches, many students are gearing up for the ‘day of judgement’ for their two years of hard work, or lack thereof. As an economics tutor specializing in ‘A’ level economics tuition, many students have come up to me for tips for the preparation of the ‘A’ Level Economics examination. The common questions include the following.

Should I read economics lecture notes?

Should I read economics model essays?

Should I practice economics examination questions?

It is too late to get economics tuition?

The answers to the above questions will vary from student to student.

Economics Lecture Notes

Generally, reading economics lecture notes is not the best thing to do at this stage. This is because reading economics lecture notes may not help the student answer economics examination questions. There is a big gap between understanding economic concepts in the ways which they are explained in economics lecture notes and actually applying economic concepts to answer economics examination questions. This difference between the theoretical aspect and the application aspect is not unique to the subject of economics. However, students differ in terms of calibre and diligence. There are students who have put a great deal of effort into their studies with the help of an experienced economics tutor who is renowned in the field of economics tuition. In contrast, there are students who have neglected their studies with little or no effort being put into them. Most of these students do not take economics tuition of any form. For these students, reading economics lecture notes may be a good way to start preparing for the ‘A’ Level Economics examination.

Economics Model Essays

Reading economics model essays is helpful as it will enable the student to learn the application of economic concepts. It will also allow the student to learn how to structure their responses to better answer economics examination questions. However, it is important that the student does not learn the economics model essays by hard. Rote learning will not help the student do well in the examination as the exact same questions are unlikely to come out. The student should try to understand why the economics model essays were written in the ways which they were written. This will enable them to better understand the economics model essays and therefore tweak the essays if similar questions come out in the examination. This can be most effectively done with the help of economics tuition provided by a good economics tutor.

Economics Examination Questions

Going through economics examination questions enables the student to familiarize themself with the style and the level of difficulty of the questions. This will reduce the chances of them from being caught by any surprise in the examination. However, in order to do this effectively, taking economics tuition from an experienced economics tutor will be helpful. An experienced economics tutor will also be able to help the student find out the level of expectations from the examiners.

Economics Tuition

Taking economics tuition from a good economics tutor will certainly help in the preparation of the ‘A’ Level Economics examination. The extent of the benefit will depend to a large extent on the amount of preparatory work which the student is willing and able to make. Having a qualified economics tutor for economics tuition will help a student clarify any doubts that they have. It will also enable the student to learn the essential examination skills for both the essay and the case study papers.

Jacky Liu

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