Who Is The Best Economics Tutor In Singapore?

I have recently done a survey with a group of junior college students who take economics as part of their subject combinations. To my surprise, over 90 per cent of them took economics tuition on an individual basis or a group basis. There were various reasons given by the students for taking economics tuition which included the high level of difficulty of the subject, the lack of competence of the school economics tutor, etc. Many of the students in the survey took a long time to look for the best economics tutor. Some were convinced they that they had found the best economics tutor but some of less so. The question is, who is the best economics tutor in Singapore?


It is commonly believe that the  best economics tutor is the economics tutor who has the highest qualification in the subject. This would likely mean that the tutor has a Master’s Degree or even a PhD in economics. There are several veteran economics tutors in Singapore with a Master’s degree in economics which include Mr. Edmund Quek at Economics Cafe and Mr. Gilbert Lee at Learners’ Lodge. Although they are good economics tutors, it is not only their high qualifications which have made them so. Although their university education in economics has equipped them with the knowledge to teach the subject, there are other attributes which have made them good economics tutors. This explains why there are other economics tutors with a Master’s Degree in economics but who are less effective in their provision of economics tuition.


The longest teaching experience is also something that many people associate with the best economics tutor. Although teaching experience is an important attribute of a good economics tutor, having the longest teaching experience in economics does not necessarily make one the best economics tutor. Teaching experience does equip an economics tutor with the ability to explain economic theories and concepts well. For example, Mr. Edmund Quek at Economics Cafe and Mr. Gilbert Lee at Learners’ Lodge are good economics tutors partly because they have long teaching experience. However, there are economics tutors with teaching experience who are less than effective.


The best economics tutor should be intelligent. However, the most intelligent economics tutor may not necessarily be the best economics tutor. Intelligence can go a long way towards helping an economics tutor teach the subject well. Indeed, without intelligence, an economics tutor simply cannot be good. However, an intelligent economics tutor without teaching experience and passion can be effective only to a small extent.


A passion for teaching is an important attribute of a good economics tutor. An economics tutor who has a passion for teaching is more likely to spend time on lesson preparation which is beneficial to students. An economics tutor who has a passion for teaching is also more likely to go the extra mile to help students, particularly those students who put in extra effort in the subject. This does not, however, follow that the economics tutor with the greatest passion for teaching is the best economics tutor. An economics tutor who has a passion for teaching but who lacks the qualification, teaching experience and intelligence will be effective to only a small extent.


Many students and parents believe that the best economics tutor is the economics tutor with the greatest publicity. This is a very serious misconception. For example, the media exposure of economics tutor Anthony Fok is far greater than that of all the economics tutors in Singapore combined. However, the reason for his great media exposure is the vast amount of time and money he spends on marketing rather than his track record in teaching. A quick check on Google Search will reveal the incredibly large number of websites Anthony Fok has created for his expensive marketing effort. Indeed, one will also find out that Anthony Fok does not even have an internal degree in economics which some may find it to believe.  Every economics tutor has a finite amount of time. Therefore, when more of their time is spent on marketing, it means that less of their time is spent on helping students.

Given the above analysis, it is obvious that there is no best economics tutor in Singapore.

Linda Geng

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