Why Is It Important To Take Economics Tuition From An Experienced Economics Tutor?

Why Is It Important To Take Economics Tuition From An Experienced Economics Tutor?Economics has never been an easy subject for students. This is largely due to the requirement to understand concepts which are pretty abstract. For students in junior colleges in Singapore, this is an even bigger problem as the level of difficulty of the Singapore-Cambridge GCE β€˜A’ Level Economics is one of the highest among the economics courses offered at the pre-university level. Not surprisingly, a large number of economics students in Singapore have or are planning on engaging a tutor to cope with the subject. However, not every student who takes economics tuition will get a good grade in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE β€˜A’ Level Economics examination. It is important to take tuition from an experienced economics tutor.

The Importance Of A Good Economics Tutor

There are many benefits of having an experienced economics tutor. Unlike physics, biology and chemistry, economics is a social science. Therefore, the grade in the economics examination does not only depend on whether the responses to the questions are right or wrong, it also depends to a large extent on the quality of the responses. Although a tutor who lacks experience can teach their students responses with low to moderate quality, only an experienced tutor can teach their students how to produce high-quality responses. For example, experienced tutors generally can provide better evaluations to responses than tutors who lack experience. This explains why students who took economics tuition from an experienced tutor generally achieved a better grade in the economics examination than those who took tuition from an economics tutor who lacked experienced.

Apart from providing high-quality responses, high-quality economics lecture notes and high-quality economics model essays, an experienced  economics tutor is also able to teach their students how to answer higher-order economics examination questions. This is important as the Singapore-Cambridge GCE’A’ Level Economics examination questions are getting increasingly harder. In contrast, although an economics tutor who lacks experience can teach their students how to answer standard economics examination questions, they are likely to have difficulty teaching their students how to answer the higher-order ones.

Therefore, the chances of getting a good grade in the economics examination are higher when the student takes tuition from an experienced economics tutor. A related question is how an economics tutor can make their tuition more effective.

How Can An Economics Tutor Make Their Tuition More Effective?

Due to the substantial amount of time which school economics teachers need to take to cover the substantial content area, many of them have limited time to spend on essay discussion and case study practice. To make tuition more effective, the economics tutor should focus more on these two areas. However, the question is, how can the tutor find more time than the school teachers to engage in essay discussion and do case study practice? There are several ways to achieve that. First, instead of teaching all the economic concepts in the syllabus, the tutor can focus on the more important economic concepts in their economics tuition. This will help the students get more marks in the examination. The tutor can focus on the harder economic concepts in their economics tuition as the students are unlikely to encounter much difficulty in understanding the easier economic concepts in the school. Second, the tutor can teach the economic concepts in conjunction with their applications. This can be done by teaching the economic concepts in the form of essay discussion. For instance, the concept of austerity measures can be taught using the 2013 HCI Preliminary Examination Essay Question 5. This will not only enhance the students’ understanding of the concept of austerity measures, it will enable them to learn the application well and hence making the economics tuition more effective. This is similar to a swimming instructor teaching the strokes of swimming in the pool rather than doing it in a classroom setting. With these two approaches, among others, an tutor can provide economics tuition which will help their students achieve a good grade in the examination.

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