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  • The lessons this week will be conducted as usual including the lessons on Saturday (31/10/2020) and Sunday (01/11/2020). There are no lessons from 02/11/2020 to 07/11/2020. On 07/11/2020, H2 students will attend the lesson at 10.45am-12.45pm or the lesson at 4.15pm-6.15pm. On 08/11/2020, H1 students will attend the les[...]
  • (a)Β Β  Explain why Singapore chooses to use the exchange rate rather than interest rates as the policy instrument of its monetary policy. [10] Introduction Monetary policy is a demand-side policy that is used to control the money supply and interest rates to influence aggregate demand. Monetary policy can be used to inc[...]
  • Due to the Preliminary Examinations, the lessons from 14/09/2020 to 20/09/2020 will be brought forward to the week from 07/09/2020 to 13/09/2020. This means that there will be two lessons in the week from 07/09/2020 to 13/09/2020 (i.e. September Break) and no lesson in the week from 14/09/2020 to 20/09/2020 (i.e. Preli[...]
  • As we enter Phase 2 of the circuit breaker, we have been informed by the Ministry of Education that we are now allowed to conduct physical classroom lessons. Therefore, from 30 June (Tuesday), I will be teaching at the tuition centre. Nonetheless, at least for the month of July, I hope that you will continue to attend [...]
  • Economics Cafe is working with the Family Service Centre to donate laptops to low income families with children who attend school. In one day, the Family Service Centre has identified 14 families which need a laptop for their childrenΒ  for learning. We have contributed 7 laptops and we need additional 7 laptops to help[...]
  • Due to upcoming Common Test 1, the lessons from 23/03/20 to 29/03/20 will be brought forward to the March holidays. Tuesday Class (5pm-7pm) Students who attend the Tuesday class will attend a 4 hour lesson from 3pm to 7pm on 17/03/20. Wednesday Class (5pm-7pm) Students who attend the Wednesday class will attend a 4 hou[...]
  • Due to the CNY, there will be no lessons on 25/01/2020 (Saturday) and 26/01/2020. There will be a make-up lesson. For JC2 Students Students who attend the 10.45am-12.45pm class on Saturday will come at 5pm on Thursday (23/01/2020). Students who attend the 4.15pm-6.15pm class on Saturday will come at 2pm on Friday (24/0[...]
  • The 2020 JC1 classes will commence on 9 November 2019. In the months of November and December, there will be two classes which will  be conducted on Saturday and Sunday from 1.45pm to 3.45pm. Students who wish to enrol in a class can call or whatsapp us at 82688928 or email us at T[...]