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  • Oil prices are currently around US$35. It is virtually public knowledge that the slide in oil prices from US$115 in June 2014 to the current level is due to a combination of events, namely the increase in shale oil production in the United States and the increase in crude oil production in OPEC, particularly in Saudi A[...]
  • Introduction Aggregate demand is the total demand for the goods and services produced in the economy over a period of time and is comprised of consumption expenditure, investment expenditure, government expenditure on goods and services and net exports. Imports are foreign goods and services which are produced in othe[...]
  • Introduction Public goods will not be produced in the absence of government intervention. Public goods are goods that are non-excludable and non-rivalrous. A good is non-excludable when it is impossible or prohibitively costly to prevent non-payers from consuming the good once it has been produced. A good is non-rival[...]
  • The following are a list of general articles covering a wide range of topics ranging from economics tuition to game theory. The articles are meant for leisure reading and are contributed by the Principal Economics Tutor and other renowned experts in the field of economics. General Articles on Economics Tuition Is Econ[...]